With today's technology, hardware is no longer something that your IT department has to worry about. RU makes IT easy. Whether you need a pool of resources or something more specific, RU has what you need and we are there to help you every step of the way.


Forget dealing with updates, capital costs of new hardware and underutilized equipment. Leverage RU's virtual environment to fulfill all your IT needs at a fraction of the cost.

Improve Efficiency

Managing IT infrastructure is our business. Deploy and utilize virtual machines on RU Networks' Private Cloud and get your applications up and running on enterprise-grade hardware.      

Improve Productivity

Deploy servers on demand.  Get applications up and running sooner, with fewer technical issues to manage. Let your IT resources focus on business development.

Flexible Deployments

Whether it be CPU, RAM, storage, OS, managed bandwidth, you name it, we will deploy a cloud solution to fit your actual needs.             

Improve Responsiveness

Condense your procurement processes, connect and manage IT resources on demand, providing more flexibility and freeing up time to address your ever-changing business needs.



Downtime and Disaster Protection

Achieve faster and easier backup and recovery of key application workloads and data and forget about downtime.


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