Firewall Services

RU Networks Managed Firewall Services protects your network and information assets with 24x7x365 monitoring, reporting, and support from a team of IT professionals. Every day new threats are identified and many organizations struggle to find the resources to maintain and update their firewalls. Threats to your IT infrastructure have never been more complex. However, the skills necessary to combat these are actually less prevalent.  RU Networks' managed firewall service addresses the challenges businesses face with lack of time, resources and professional expertise.


Managed Bandwidth

Navigating Providers and managing cross-connects can be a pain. RU networks can provide BGP across multiple ISP's with diverse transit links ensuring a network that is always fast and always on.

RU Networks Data Center Network gives organizations the peace of mind knowing their systems and applications are highly available.  An industry leading SLA and a perfect track record throught the companies history. 

Support Services



We sell infrastructure as a service at RU. We manage your hardware and assist you in your future IT growth plans.

Remote Hands

Need a drive swap or a quick boost in memory? Our qualified remote hands are available to help out at a moment's notice.

Backup & Recovery

Our proven cloud backup technology and experience allows customers to relax and know that they can easily backup or restore their data wherever and whenever they please.


At RU, the security desk is manned 24x7x365.  All our infrastructure and data centers are professionally managed.


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